Haori Jacket Womens

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The Haori jacket Womens Kimono is black. The Japanese pattern is traditional. The mythical crane bird of Japan is called Tsuru.

The Japanese crane is an authentic Japanese symbol that you can see worn as a crest by many families ­čç»­čçÁ. It is also printed or embroidered on Japanese clothing: Kimono, yukata, Jinbei...

There is the Japanese cherry blossoms pattern: sakura.

We advise you to wear the haori cardigan it in spring with a plain top. Or you can adopt a Japanese streetwear style by wearing it over a Japanese hoodie.

  • Design of the┬ákimono jacket: carp from Japan
  • Style :┬áJapanese jacket┬áfor women
  • Kimono cardigan┬ámaterial: cotton, polyester
  • Washing: 30 degrees maximum


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