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The kimono jacket is ideal for dressing up a simple outfit, whether summer or winter. Its long and straight cut is ideal for adapting to all body types. The fabric material is soft and perfect for a comfortable feeling. The sleeves of the fluid jacket are 3/4 in length and flared. It's a fashionable and trendy Japanese style outfit for walking on the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, for a cosplay costume, or for a geisha style...

The print on the back of this women's Haori jacket represents a kitsune mask. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the kitsune is a fox with powers. The god fox is polymorphic, he can take on different appearances.

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  • Kimono design: kitsune
  • Haori jacket material: cotton and polyester blend
  • Jacket length: 69 cm (27.2 in)
  • Fit: straight cut and 3/4 sleeves
  • Sublimation printing
  • Wash: in the machine at 30° ( 86°F) max
(in / cm)




Unique 47.2 / 120
28.3 / 72
10.2 / 26

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