Japanese butterfly print
Japanese butterfly print
Japanese butterfly print

Japanese butterfly print

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This Japanese butterfly print symbolizes the passage of the deceased to eternal life

Traditionally, the Japanese print is a work of art that consists of engraving drawings on a wooden board using the technique of xylography. She came to Japan with the artistic movement called ukiyo-e which means image of the floating world.

The Ukiyo woodcut comes from an imaginary world in which we feel sadness and bitterness. At the end of the 18th century, sad thinking was replaced by the notion of pleasure. You can discover engravings representing the urban lifestyle of the Japanese.

This print replica symbolizes the nature of the Land of the Rising Sun. You can see iris flowers called shoubu. These flowers have inspired many artists including Hokusai who named one of his prints: Iris and Grasshoppers. As for the butterfly, it represents the soul of the deceased.

  • The package consists of a reproduction of a Japanese print
  • The work is painted on a cotton canvas
  • The wall canvas comes in a tube for easy transport

Here are some tips for showcasing the Japanese butterfly print:

💯 Before ordering this Japanese canvas , we invite you to measure the dimensions of the intended location. You can then choose between 3 available sizes.

💯 We do not ship a frame with this Japanese painting but you can add one if you want to add a touch of traditionalism.

💯 Canvas fabric is light and easy to handle. Hung on the wall, placed on a piece of furniture or simply placed on the floor, you can move it without difficulty.

💯 The cotton that makes up the decorative canvas preserves the depth of the colors and gives a matte and reflection-free result that will delight lovers of pictorial art.

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