A black Japanese cat figurine with a red ribbon and blue painted ears. This manga deco object is inspired by the work of Isao Takahata in style and form.
Japanese Cat Figurine
This Japanese Cat Figurine is black. It is a Japanese black cat piggy bank
Material is vynil used for this black cat piggy bank details

Japanese Cat Figurine

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Discover the Japanese Cat Figurine, A Unique Symbol of Luck and Elegance

Introduce a note of mystery and wisdom into your space with this cat figurine. This decorative object is painted black with blue ears. Bring a modern, cute and Kawaii touch to the traditional Maneki Neko cat symbol.

This lucky Japanese cat figurine is inspired by the captivating storytelling of Isao Takahata. Take a trip through the world of the mangaka by adding a Japanese cultural essence to your shelf or table. Its unique design makes it a perfect collector's item or gift for fans of Japanese culture and admirers of Takahata's art.

  • Design: Figurine carefully sculpted in black PU Vinyl
  • Functionality: This manga deco and piggy bank figurine, combining decoration and utility while attracting fortune
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 25.5 cm / 6.5 x 10 in


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