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Adopt this Japanese garden lantern to set up your outdoor in a zen spirit

The Japanese lamp translates as chin in Japanese. Imported from China and widely used during the Edo period, this light source has become a real decorative object.

This round lantern is held by a spiral wire that replaces the traditional bamboo. It holds washi paper, made from mulberry fibers.

Suspended from a branch, the ball lamp diffuses soft light and decorates a garden or green space, allowing for a serene and soothing atmosphere.

Find our suggestions for landscaping your garden with this white Japanese light fixture :


💯 To enjoy a balmy summer evening, we recommend hanging this Japanese lantern on the branches of a tree. You can also add a candle that will diffuse a soft light for a pleasant atmosphere.

💯 For a festive decoration, we recommend using several and hanging them together. You will be able to create a garland of paper lanterns that will provide a soothing atmosphere.

💯 If you are looking for a decorated lamp, put on the green lantern . It is decorated with bamboo leaves and looks great in a garden or on a balcony.

💯 Discover a wide selection of paper lamps in our Japanese lantern collection. Simple or decorated, white or red, they will dress your exterior but also your interior with sobriety and elegance.

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