Geta Suki Japan

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Complete your costume with these Japanese Geta Sandals

This Geta Suki model is inspired by the wooden shoes were inspired by those worn by the geisha during the Edo era . They are composed of a black wooden sole with thick cotton straps.

These sandals can complement a traditional outfit. They are also perfect for a more modern style.

They are equipped with two platforms that raise them from the ground. This prevents the bottom of the kimono from dragging on the ground. They are both elegant and sturdy, but also comfortable and practical.

A few tips to have successful samurai or geisha costume ...

how-wear-a-sandal-japanese tuto

💯 You can wear these Japanese barefoot flip flops throughout the day regardless of your outfit. For a formal Japanese event, wear them with a pair of Tabi socks...

💯 Adjust them by pulling the straps to have a good foot support when walking.

💯 The color of the straps can be matched with the rest of your outfit for more style effect.

💯 We created a collection of Japanese Geta to help you find the right pair for your costume.

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