Japanese Mask Hannya Red

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Revenge is a cold dish: this Japanese Hannya mask is proof of it!

In Japanese mythology, the demon Hannya symbolizes revenge. Before being reincarnated as a Yurei demon, she was a woman consumed by destructive love. His new demonic form has returned haunted humans.

This type of Japanese mask was used for fighters like samurai or shinobi to scare the enemy to the point of successfully repelling him. It is especially used in case of war. He has also inspired many manga.

The shape of this half-mask is called β€œmempo”: it serves very precisely to frighten the enemy. Most of these warfare accessories show sharp teeth, ready to bite and attack. Then will you be the next great samurai?

Handmade by our craftsmen, the manufacture of this red and white mask respects the codes and customs of traditional Japanese know-how.

Here are our recommendations for putting on this authentic mask :

πŸ’― Ideal for a Matsuri Festival, Fancy Dress Party or the famous Halloween Party, this traditional Japanese mask will fit perfectly for a cosplay costume featuring the greatest samurai and shinobis of the Edo period.

πŸ’― But you can also wear this Hannya accessory in a more European style with a streetwear outfit (raw jeans, red cap, white sneakers) and add a solid sterling silver oni necklace jewel.

πŸ’― If you are looking for the same more sober model, you should like this white Hannya mask , it is totally white and the contours of its Face are painted black.

πŸ’― To fit all face sizes, the mempo half mask features an elastane cord!

πŸ’― Discover our Japanese mask collection and dive into the world of Japanese folklore : its legends, mythology, its ghosts...

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