Geta Nani Wood

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Adopts these wooden geta nani sandals to complete your cosplay costume

These Japanese wooden shoes are perfect for finalizing a cosplay costume. You can wear them with traditional Japanese outfits such as kimono, haori, hanten coat or with a light summer outfit...

These Japanese sandals feature two platforms allowing you to gain height. The bottom of the kimono will remain clean thanks to the teeth (“ha”). These are small platforms...

Here are some tips to have an authentic geisha and samurai style

how-wear-a-sandal-japanese tuto

💯 Think about matching the color of the Hanao (lanyard) with your entire outfit for more style.

💯 Adjust your Japanese flip flops to your feet by pulling on the straps.

💯 Your wooden sandals should be smaller than your usual size. This is so that you can keep your balance by distributing your weight over the “teeth”.

💯 We created a Japanese Geta selection. Don't hesitate to take a look to complete your Japanese clothing collection.

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