Japanese Streetwear Hoodie

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Put strength into the Japanese Streetwear Hoodie that symbolizes the culture of the Japanese archipelago

This streetwear sweater is adorned with a pattern depicting a white kanji at the very top: it is the Japanese calligraphic sign. In the center of the garment, we recognize this famous warrior. Onna bugeishas are female samurai!

In the days of feudal Japan, these Japanese women fighters decided to train in the art of war and go into battle to protect their honor, family and home. 

Composed of cotton, this hooded sweatshirt is ideal for everyday wear. It will blend in perfectly with the decor of Harajuku, Tokyo's pretty and colorful neighborhood. Its oversized fit makes it a unique, quality and super comfortable piece.


  • 💯 Inspired by the streetwear fashion, this black sweatshirt goes with everything. Classic style, streetwear, sportswear, traditional Japanese... It has the advantage of linking perfectly Japanese tradition and contemporary style
  • 💯 For a look 100% Harajuku, we advise you to bet on reminders of colors with the pieces and accessories of your choice: sneakers, caps, jewelry accessories, ephemeral tattoo. .. 
  • 💯 Find all our products in the collection Japanese sweatshirt: our Japanese motifs will make your head spin!

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