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Decorate your home with this replica Japanese print: The Great Wave of Kanagawa

Appeared in the early 1600s, the Japanese print or woodcut was part of the ukiyo-e. This art of the image of the floating world originally represented sad and bitter imaginary scenes.

Over the years, ukiyo-e art has been inspired by more exciting themes and has represented the daily life of Japan: geishas, samurai, wrestlers... But also cult landscapes like this wave or Mount Fuji.

Created by the famous Hokusai, this work is part of the Japanese cultural heritage. It represents a storm off Tokyo in which three fishing boats are held captive. For the Japanese, it is a place of Buddhist retreat and Shinto pilgrimage.

  • Package includes a Japanese print replica
  • The print is made on a 100% cotton canvas
  • The wall decoration is delivered in cardboard packaging in the form of a tube to preserve it during transport.

Here are some tips for a successful interior design :


💯 We advise you to measure the location of the decorative canvas (ideally at eye level) before ordering it. You can choose the size among 3 size proposals.

💯 The Japanese canvas is delivered unframed. But you can add one to give it a very elegant traditionalist touch.

💯 Compared to a real Japanese print, the canvas replica has the advantage of being lighter, more manageable and easier to handle.

💯 The texture of cotton canvas is ideal for artistic reproductions: it gives an effect worthy of the greatest canvases of traditional or contemporary art.

💯 If you want to decorate your interior with a typical representation of the Land of the Rising Sun, opt for the samurai canvas . It will give your decoration a traditional touch of valiant fighter.

💯 Discover the universe of the floating world through our selection of works from the Japanese archipelago and browse our collection of Japanese print to find inspiration.

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