Japanese Wood Shoes

Japanese Wood Shoes

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These Japanese wooden shoes will allow you to have a stylish Japanese look

They were worn by geisha, samurai and Japanese nobility during the Edo era. Wear them with a traditional male or female kimono , a haori or a yukata. They are also worn with more casual outfits like yukata.

These wooden shoes have secret virtues... They improve the posture of the back on a daily basis and promote blood circulation at the foot arch...

  • Size : 38 to 46
  • Height : approx. 3.5 cm
  • The “dai” : sandals carved from raw wood, solid and lightweight
  • The “hanao” : the strap is wide and made of cotton. Japanese or plain design
  • The non-slip coating : rubber material under the platforms

Here is a mini guide to find your pair of Japanese sandals...


💯 Match the color or print of the hanao with that of your Obi belt. This will give you a more stylish look.

💯 Think of ordering these sandals with a size above yours. These are Japanese sizes.

💯 Take a look at our Japanese Geta Collection. You will find several models of different sizes, colors and styles...


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