Geta Doushite Tap

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Wear these Geta doushite slides to adopt an authentic Japanese look

People in the land of the rising sun love wearing these wooden sandals. They have been part of traditional Japanese outfits for centuries. They are often found at the feet of geisha during special occasions.

These wooden shoes are characterized by the presence of two teeth that raise the sole. They prevent the bottom of the kimono from touching the ground. Its H anao are made of durable fabric with pretty patterns. These tap pads are excellent for correcting posture. They also enhance the silhouette of small people.

Our tips to help you have a real Japanese look ...

how-wear-a-sandal-japanese tuto

💯 For a stylish effect, it is best to match the colour of the lanyard with the belt of the traditional kimono .

💯 Pull the strap to adjust the sandal to your waist. You will be able to wear them more easily.

💯 To choose the right size for your geta shoes , choose a size larger than you are used to wearing. In Japan, the sole must exceed 1 cm from your heels to respect tradition.

💯 We created a collection of Japanese Geta sandals to help you complete your wardrobe. You will find a wide choice of colours and sizes.

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