Kimono Cardigan For Women

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This black kimono jacket with white tsurus patterns will bring you happiness and a long life

In Japanese tradition, the kimono jacket was worn with a kimono of yesteryear. This historic garment was reserved for a wealthy population. It reflected success, membership in a noble class, and respect. Unlike the kimono, the Japanese jacket is worn by everyone, without social distinction.

Loose and comfortable, the Japanese jacket slips on like a cardigan. Made of soft materials, it is very pleasant to wear on a daily basis. Light and fluid, it is an everyday garment.

The birds represented on this Japanese garment are Japanese cranes. Also called “tsuru,"they are auspicious birds. They symbolize longevity and happiness. Wearing them with you can only be beneficial: what if you tried it?

  • Design: Japanese tsuru
  • Material of the Japanese kimono jacket: cotton and polyester blend
  • 3/4 sleeve length
  • Fit: loose and straight

How to wear a women's kimono jacket?

👘 Japanese your outfit by adding an original touch The kimono jacket for women will add spice to your style. Its mix of neutral and bright colors will match all your looks.

👘 If you are a fan of the Japanese streetwear style, put on your best slim jeans, select a simple and refined little top, jump into your favorite pair of sneakers and opt for a black cap and silver jewelry. Finish off with this pretty Japanese cardigan.

👘 Also enjoy warm summer days thanks to the Haori Tsurus jacket . It will perfect your beach outfit. You can wear it on the sand, over your bikini or your one-piece swimsuit. It will also go great with shorts, a light top and a pair of sunglasses.

👘 Are you curious to discover other models of Japanese jackets ? Visit our women 's kimono jacket collection now . Find inspiration for your Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or simply to treat yourself!

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