Men's Wedding Kimono

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Are you looking for a party outfit? Opt for elegance by wearing this men's wedding kimono

Considered the traditional Japanese garment , the kimono is composed of several clothes: nagajuaban under-kimono, hakama trousers, obi belt, tabi socks... Wearing this outfit respects quite strict codes. That is why it is often worn in weddings, graduations or tea ceremonies.

Made of quality polyester fibers, the material of this kimono and lightweight. It will be perfect for a sunny day or a summer evening. In Japan, green refers to nature and freshness. The Wagara motifs depicted on this men's kimono recall the Japanese historical drawings dating from the 8th century.

  • Fabric Material: Polyester
  • The material of the fabric is soft, soft and comfortable to wear
  • The length of the kimono is 67 inches
  • The kimono cut is long and the sleeves are elbow length
  • Japanese Pattern: Inspired by Wagara Historical Drawings

Here are our recommendations and fashion tips for wearing this wedding kimono ...

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 This wedding dress will be ideal if you measure 1m70 to 1m80. Know it's not embarrassing if you measure more than 1m80. In the summer period, the kimono can go up several cm. Below 1m70, we advise you to bet on a belt to raise the fabric so that it does not touch the ground.

💯 We recommend that you opt for this outfit when you go to a festive or official event. To refine your Japanese look, don't hesitate to put on white socks with split toe (tabi) and wooden sandals (geta) matching this Japanese garment .

💯 If you are looking for a traditional Japanese dress in lucky colours, try the Wagara Blue Kimono : its motifs are inspired by traditional designs and blue is known to bring luck.

💯 Little rule to know about Japanese kimono : before tying the belt at your waist, check that the left pan covers the right pan well. Because the reverse is reserved for the kimono of the deceased.

💯 Find all our Japanese models in the Japanese kimono men collection. We offer a wide selection of products inspired by traditional Japanese colours and patterns.

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