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Choose this kitchen cat apron: it will bring you prosperity, luck and peace!

This cat apron represents the Maneki Neko: translated as “the cat that invites”, this statuette is synonymous with lucky charm. Made from ceramic or porcelain, it is known to attract customers and money. It is often found placed on the fronts of shops and restaurants.

Cute and colorful, this cat is also widely used in fashion. The kawaii style of this Japanese apron is characterized by a mix of flashy and pastel colors. Hello Kitty, Pokemons and Maneki Neko are perfect mascots!

  • Materials: linen, polyester and cotton
  • Japanese pattern: Maneki Neko cat
  • Sizes: adult (66x47 cm) and child (47x38 cm)
  • Package: it comes with a linen and cotton apron

You can find suggestions for wearing this cook outfit in our Japanese apron tutorial :


🍣 Very practical for preparing good dishes, this kitchen apron is also suitable for other tasks: DIY, gardening, cleaning... The other advantage is that it is available in a toddler version: a godsend to share a good moment of conviviality!

🍣 Retains the brilliance of the colors of this Japanese apron by cleaning it at a maximum of 30°. You can also add a little salt in the washing water to keep the colors fresh.

🍣 Are you looking for a shimmering apron model ? Put on the red cat apron . In addition, it makes a color reminder with the Japanese flag!

🍣 Discover more apron styles by visiting the Japanese apron collection: you can do your choice among a multitude of different cuts: half apron, long apron, etc.

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