A pair of Japanese Koi Carp socks. Feodal Japanese socks with Ukliyo-e prints representing samurai with katana fighting a giant japanese carp

Koi Carp Socks

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Wear this Japanese fish sock with pride as it represents strength and courage.

Go for this pair of Japanese socks if you like Shinto legends and myths. The high-quality Ukiyo-e artwork printed on the fabric of these Japanese-style socks symbolises a samurai wielding a katana and wearing a kimono. The Japanese warrior and the carp fish seem to be caught up in a mortuary broom from which only one will emerge victorious! The koi carp is a symbol of strength and perseverance.

It's the ideal gift for all fans of Japanese culture, as this accessory blends traditional Japanese style with a strong symbolism for enthusiasts.

  • Material: cotton and elastane
  • Style: koi carp, Japanese samurai
  • Pack containing one pair of Koi carp socks


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