Japanese Kimono Cosplay Man

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Put on this men's cosplay kimono and slip into the skin of a noble from the Edo period

In the years 1600-1800s, it was mostly wealthy Japanese who wore the kimono. Translated literally as “clothing”, it was sported at official events such as a graduation or a Shinto wedding ceremony.

This traditional garment is finely woven in cotton. It appears as slightly satin. Cotton is particularly comfortable to wear as it is soft and breathable. This type of light kimono is called a yukata. It is mainly worn in spring and summer.

  • Fabric Composition: Thin Thin Cotton
  • The fabric material is soft, soft and light
  • The kimono has a length of 140 cm on average.
  • This Japanese garment is cut straight and long with very wide 3/4 sleeves.
  • Yukata Color: Satin Black

🈚 Our gift: you will find in your package a small kinchaku bag and a wide belt to complete the wearing of your summer kimono !

Find our best fashion tips to put on this cosplay garment. ..

Japanese Kimono-Man Tuto-Kimono-

💯 Before ordering this lightweight yukata , some size recommendations: we advise you to wear M if you are less than 80 kg. Otherwise, you'll be more comfortable with a size L. For information, our model is wearing M and it measures 1.77m for 60 kg.

💯 Don't know what occasion to wear this unique Japanese piece? Our opinion: this authentic garment will be perfect for a cosplay outfit (costume + play) of noble Japanese or samurai on the occasion of an evening with friends! The little plus: adds a pair of wooden geta sandals, stylish and comfortable. Wear a mempo mask for a Japanese warrior look...

💯 If you are looking for a Japanese kimono model in blue tones with a discreet pattern, you should find your happiness with this finely striped kimono . It will match perfectly with a different color belt to slice a “total look” effect.

💯 The rule to know: this Japanese clothing traditionally closes in the same way. That is, the left piece of tissue over the right; for the reverse is reserved for mortuary kimonos.

💯 Find even more yukata kimono inspired by the Japanese archipelago in our Japanese kimono men collection. Colorful, streaked, satin: our wide range will not leave you indifferent...

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