Kimono Nagajuban

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Japanese nagajuban is a kind of underwear dress worn under a traditional women's kimono.

During the Edo period most Japanese women wore kimono all day long. The wearing of kimono was done among men as well.

To wear this Japanese outfit, you had to follow a number of rules. It is a complex garment that required the help of a dresser.

The nagajuban is worn under the Japanese kimono to avoid damaging the fabric in contact with perspiration or skin. Wearing nagajuban often helps make the distinction between a kimono and a Yukata

tuto nagajuban

  • 💯  For women less than 1m60, we recommend choosing size S
  • 💯  For those over 1m60, we recommend size M
  • 💯  We recommend you to wear over your white nagajuban, a kimono Tsuru. This red kimono dress is ideal for a Japanese event
  • 💯  Don't hesitate to consult the Japanese Kimono Dress collection for more patterns and colors

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