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For a shinobi or samurai ninja look, these Japanese style geta sandal are ideal

These wooden sandals have been worn for centuries in the land of the rising sun. If you are a lover of manga , samurai or a lover of beautiful geisha, you must have a pair of Japanese sandals in your dressing room .

You can wear them with a Japanese kimono, a kimono dress, a haori (kimono jacket), a hakama (Japanese trousers). But also with Japanese fashion and streetwear clothing such as cargo pants, hoodie or oversized Japanese T-shirt...

  • Size : from 35 to 46 (depending on stock available)
  • They are worn by both women and men.
  • The “dai” : sandal body is made of wood and the “ha” are the teeth or at least the platform of the “geta”, they are here two
  • The “hanao” : the strap for wearing the “geta” is made of fabrics

Here is a quick tutorial to teach you how to wear them with a samurai style


💯 These are Japanese sizes, so we recommend taking a size above your usual size for your futari geta .

💯 The geta sandal is worn barefoot for a casual look. Or with tabi (Japanese socks) for a formal Japanese style.

💯 We make available our collection of Japanese geta . We offer wooden sandals with seigaiha, sakura, dragon, etc...


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