Obi Belt Blue

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Accessorize Japanese haori tone with this Blue Obi Belt

The Japanese pattern on this Japanese Obi belt depicts waves. Waves symbolize momentum of luck, power and resilience...

Japanese obis are classified according to their design, material and use. They can be designed in different types of fabrics. Heavy wide belts are worn for formal occasions, while some are worn for casual events...

  • The size is one
  • The Material is in canvas fabric and cotton
  • Composition: cotton fabric, rigid and thick
  • Dimensions: 15 cm in width and 240 cm in length
  • Washing: we strongly recommend washing only at low temperature and by hand!

Here are some tips to properly wear your Japanese obi...

☯ If you want to wear your obi in a traditional and authentic way, put on your belt with a haori kimono. Wear only Japanese hair jewelry (kanzashi) with your outfit...

☯ To be trendy with a Japanese obi belt, put it on an oversized dress... This will refine your waist...

☯ It is always necessary to highlight an obi belt. For example, avoid wearing a shoulder strap. Instead, opt for a pouch...

☯ If you want more color choices, we advise you to look at our complete collection of obi belt. We have other Japanese motifs...

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