Obi Belt Navy Blue

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Accessorize your western outfit with a Navy Blue Obi Belt

The blue color of the obi belt symbolizes freshness, passivity and fidelity. Blue is also one of the most important lucky colors in Japan...

The obi belts were first worn by geishas in Japan to draw attention to a woman's curves and give the effect of a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Today, Japanese belts are just as subtly sexy and are an ideal way to embellish a silhouette...

  • The size is one
  • The Material is in canvas fabric and cotton
  • Composition: cotton fabric, rigid and thick
  • Dimensions: 15 cm in width and 240 cm in length
  • Washing: we strongly recommend washing only at low temperature and by hand!

Here is a quick tutorial on how to wear this Japanese belt like a real geisha...

☯ To wear your obi belt following the dress code of the geisha, you need to cross the ends of the belt in front of you and pass one end through the buckle. Then pull on each end to fix the knot. Repeat this process to create a double node...

☯ Obi belts with Japanese patterns are ideal for giving personality to a rather neutral outfit. Conversely, solid color belts are ideal for adding contrast, a touch of color or emotion...

☯ We advise you to look at our complete collection of obi belt for a wider selection of traditional Japanese patterns. You will certainly find models for your close fans of the culture of the land of the rising sun...

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