Demon Japanese Mask Silver

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Turn into a demon with this Japanese somen mask

During the wars and battlefields (era of feudal Japan), Japanese fighters wore somen masks like this. They had 2 advantages: hide their identity and scare the enemy.

Samurai masks took the form of a demon. Also called “oni”, these creatures are recognizable by their claws, sharp teeth and two horns.

Handmade in respect of traditional Japanese know-how , this demon somen mask is reproduced to perfection by our craftsman.

Find our tips below to find out how, when and with what to wear:

oni mask japan

💯 You can wear this mask of yesteryear to go to a Japanese festival, a disguised evening on the theme of the archipelago or horror (like Halloween) or even for a jolly game of airsoft !

💯 You can also use it as a decorative item and place it on a shelf or wall for authentic and traditional Japanese decoration .

💯 If you want the same model in golden tones, we advise you to take a look at our somen gold mask : it will be perfect with a black outfit thanks to the color reminder with the horns.

💯 Available in one size, this warrior mask will fit all faces.

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