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Oni Mask Ninja

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Embrace the Shadows with the Oni Mask Ninja

Step into the clandestine world of the shinobi with the shinobi mask. It's a dark and mysterious accessory that melds the secretive nature of ninjas with the fearsome visage of an Oni demon. This ninja mask captures the essence of both entities, known for their prowess and stealth.

In the lore of ancient Japan, ninjas, or shinobi, were often depicted as agents of espionage and subterfuge. They used masks for anonymity and psychological impact. The incorporation of Oni features into a ninja mask serves a dual purpose. 

  • Design inspired by Japanese antiquity, the samurai world, shinobi and their Japanese mask
  • Shinobi mask size: 17 x 12 cm / 6.7 x 4.7 in
  • Resin mask, it features a fabric lining to ensure greater comfort. The fabric inside the mask is breathable
  • This Oni Mask is comfortable and durable. Perfect for Airsoft players. Or if you're a Cosplay fan, Halloween enthusiast
  • Mask also popular with Techwear fashion fans
  • Adjustable: the neoprene headband is adjustable so it can be worn by adults or teenagers

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