Oni mask red

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Oni masks perfectly represent what a Japanese demon is... A concentration of rage and torment!

If you want to plunge into the dark world of Japanese folklore, then this Japanese Oni mask is the accessory you need...

Oni masks were worn by the samurai warriors of the Edo era. Legend say that the mempo mask of the samurai is the reflection of his soul. Oni demons are terrifying monsters with horns and teeth as sharp as knives...

Half-and-half masks protected fighters from attacks lke katana swords slashes, arrows shots etc... But it was mainly used to terrify enemies...

Do you dare to wear this mask? Here is some advice before you join the world of shadows...


We advise you to follow some of these tips for this Japanese mempo mask:

πŸ’― First of all, you need to determine for what occasion you want to wear this traditional Japanese mask. It can be a Japanese event like a manga or cosplay convention or even for a halloween party!

πŸ’― Next, choose your outfit. Opt for a traditional outfit if you want to look like a geisha, samurai or shinobi ninja cosplay costume.

πŸ’― For an authentic Japanese warrior style, we advise you to wear your mask with a haori or a kimono.

πŸ’― For a casual streetwear outfit, wear this mask with an oversize t-shirt or an oversized hoodie

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