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Opt for a warm and relaxed atmosphere thanks to the paper lantern

The paper lamp is emblematic in the land of the rising sun. Hanging in front of store windows or inside restaurants, it decorates storefronts with taste and originality. Its metal structure allows it to be suspended in numerous places.

Made from washi rice paper, the Japanese lantern has the advantage of being foldable. Folded like an accordion, it is then possible to insert a candle. The bamboo circles arranged in horizontal spirals are also very practical for storage.

This cylindrical Japanese lamp has several patterns typical of Japan. Kanjis are the local calligraphic characters. You can also see drawings of Japanese cuisine.

Here are some tips for using this paper lantern in a Japanese style:


💯 The culinary motifs of this Japanese light fixture make it a perfect decorative item to install in your kitchen. You can hang it on the ceiling suspension or use it as a lampshade. Mulberry fiber paper will give off a soft, subdued light.

💯 If you have an outdoor space and want to organize a festive event in your zen garden, use the paper lantern . You can place a candle in it. You can also use several lanterns and hang them together to form a Japanese garland.

💯 For a simple and authentic decoration straight from the archipelago, opt for the fan geisha lamp . It represents a traditional Japanese artist.

💯 Discover all our traditional lamps in our Japanese lantern collection. All you have to do is choose the shape, color and pattern of your future Japanese light fixture .

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