Geta Ganbare
Geta Ganbare
Geta Ganbare

Geta Ganbare

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Adopts these geta sandals for a stylish Japanese look

These Japanese sandals are traditionally worn with a Yukata or Kimono. This is a unisex pair that has been inspired by the shoes of samurai and geisha. They are characterized by the presence of two “teeth” (Ha in Japanese) that lift them from the ground to preserve the bottom of the kimono.

These pairs of Japanese shoes are very popular in Japan. They are very elegant and very practical. They also have many advantages. Your feet won't get compressed in shoes closed with these sandals. They will also help you adopt a good posture and regain your natural balance.

Our tips to help you have an authentic Japanese style with these shoes...

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💯 These sandals are worn with a traditional kimono during Japanese festivities and with a modern everyday outfit.

💯 Don't hesitate to match the color of your Obi belt with the strap of your Japanese sandals.

💯 To be able to wear these wooden shoes comfortably, your feet should not take off the soles. Think about pulling the straps to adjust them to your feet.

💯 If you are looking for a wide variety of Japanese Geta . Don't hesitate to browse our full collection. You will then have a wide choice of colors and sizes according to your cosplay costume.


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