Japanese Samurai Bushido Mask

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Enter the rank with this Japanese samurai bushido mask

Bushido is the moral code of samurai warriors from the time of feudal Japan . It translates as “cavalier de la protection” in French. During this period, fighters were then required to respect 9 principles. Among these virtues are honor, fidelity, sincerity, courage, goodness, humility, righteousness, respect and self-control. The soldier's “bible”!

When these brave Japanese knights were going to fight on the battlefield, they wore half-masks similar to this one. The goal was to scare the opponent to better confront him. Ideal for concealing identity, this demonic look mask was perfect to anticipate without being unmasked.

Our craftsman has made this unique model in an artisanal way, by hand, and in accordance with Japanese tradition and ancestral know-how. A perfect representation of the masks of yesteryear !

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💯 We advise you to wear this oni demon mask when you go to a Halloween or Japan themed dress party. Perfect for a cosplay costume , you'll have everything to terrify the guests and make a surprise effect.

💯 You can also wear this Japanese mask in a streetwear look more “fit” than a full samurai costume. To be comfortable, put on wide clothes that will give you a trendy oversize style!

💯 If you want a solid color mask, we recommend that you take a look at our red mempo blood, the sun and the Japanese flag.

💯 The wide elastane cord that complements this war accessory will allow you to adjust it to your waist and wear it without falling or tightening you too much.

💯 You will find all our models (fabric, festival, manga, samurai and theatre) in our collection of Japanese mask inspired by Shinto ceremonies.

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