Oni mask samurai japan

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  • Handmade mask inspired by Japanese Demon from Shinto myth
  • Dimension of 6.9" (17cm) wide and 7.4"(19cm) high, adjustable
  • Half oni mask finished with soft foam. Our artisan then covers it with
  • A silky inner fabric to make it even more comfortable to wear!
  • The mask is tested and approved by Airsoft and HOCKEY players
  • .
  • It's the ideal Japanese accessory for Airsoft players, samurai enthusiasts, shinobi ninjas or Cosplay lovers
  • The Oni mask samurai samurai Japan is the perfect accessory to bring out the legendary warrior inside you 👹

    During the Shogun empire's conquest of the country of the rising sun, samurai soldiers wore a half-and-half Japanese mask called a Mempo.

    It was a mask made to protect against arrows and Japanese katanas. This traditional mask was supposed to represent an evil being like a Japanese Oni demon or a Yurei ghost...

    Here's a quick guide to give you some ideas on how to wear this yokai mask...


    💯 For a successful costume cosplay wear this handmade mask with a shinobi ninja outfit, a haori warrior jacket or even a traditional women's kimono !

    💯 You can also wear it as a Halloween disguise or a Japanese event related to the manga universe...

    💯 To be all the rage on Instagram, wear this adjustable mask with Oversize Japanese streetwear!

    💯 It is also an excellent gift for a person hoping to get Japanese interior decorations. We advise you to hang the mask on a wall or show it off with confidence on a shelf. It will protect your home from bad spirits...

    💯 The mask is ideal for Airsoft players as well!

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