Sukajan Bomber

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This sukajan duel jacket represents the link between the bosozoku and yakuza

In the 1970's and 1980's youth biker gangs emerged. The post-war situation was precarious and these clans showed their discontent by revving the engines on their flashy motorcycles.

The tiger and the dragon are represented in a duel on the back of this mid-season jacket. The tiger is a protective animal while the dragon symbolizes strength and power. Three attributes that all members of the bosozoku clans share with the yakuza.

This trendy, streetwear bomber jacket will give you the strength of the dragon and the power of the tiger! Nothing can happen to you.


  • 💯All the embroidery threads are carefully chosen to bring brightness to the colors of the embroidered symbols on this light jacket inspired by the emblematic animals of Japan
  • 💯 If you prefer rougher patterns, you will probably be seduced by this skeleton sukajan jacket. It will protect you from ghosts and Japanese evil spirits
  • 💯 We strongly advise against wearing your sukajan bomber jacket in rainy weather
  • 💯 For a modern, rebellious streetwear look, we advise you to wear your bomber jacket with a black hoodie, a loose tee-shirt and a cap that matches with the jacket

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