Sukajan Oni
Sukajan Oni
Sukajan Oni
Sukajan Oni
Sukajan Oni
Sukajan Oni

Sukajan Oni

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This Sukajan Oni jacket is the bomber worn by the Bosozoku an infamous Japanese biker gang

Japanese fashion today continues to fascinate the West. Streetwear codes are inspired by the Bosozoku biker style. This Japanese jacket for men and women will give you a Japanese look worthy of the greatest heroes of Japanese manga and movies...

The jacket is embroidered with Hannya's symbol. This is a Japanese demon of Shinto folklore. To make it comfortable to wear, a process of hand stitching was used. This also means that the patterns are super intricate!

Did you know that many members of the bosozoku became yakuza afterwards? So it's normal to see this Irezumi-style pattern tattooed on the skin of yakuza today. Will you have the courage to wear this Japanese coat before the evil spirit of Hannya takes possession of your soul?


  • 💯 All embroidery threads are duly selected to bring shine to the embroidered symbols of this light jacket, inspired by the famous Japanese oni!
  • 💯 If you're looking for a different Japanese demon pattern on your jacket, we suggest you take a look at the sukajan hannya. It symbolizes also the vengeful spirit in Japanese folklore
  • 💯 Don't wear your bomber jacket in the rain
  • 💯 For a trendy, loose and casual look, we recommend you wear your short jacket with a black hooded sweater. Add a pair of raw jeans and a pair of sneakers to color coordinate you clothing. You can also wear a pair of black leather shoes for a Sukajan Japanese Biker look


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