Tabi Socks
Tabi Socks
Tabi Socks

Tabi Socks

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Have you heard of tabi socks? Here's a pack of 3 pairs of socks

Japanese tabi socks have a special feature in the toes. There is a separation between the big toe and the other 4. This shape of sock is ideal for slip-on geta or zori sandals. These are geisha or samurai flip-flops that have a strap between the first toe and the rest of the foot.

A pair of white socks is ideal with a traditional kimono. This is the colour used for ceremonies and official events, such as tea ceremonies, weddings and graduations. But you can also find them in other colours!

  • Pack contains 3 pairs of socks: white tabi, grey tabi, black tabi
  • Material: stretch cotton
  • Style: 2-finger socks in plain colours
  • Size: one size from 35 to 43


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