Tengu Mask

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In Japanese culture, the tengu mask is often worn by great warriors.

The Japanese tengu myth comes from the Shinto religion. Initially, Tengu was a yokai demon. But over the centuries, the image that the country of the sun had of him has evolved. He is now a Japanese divinity with great knowledge.

Some legends even say that a Tengu demon would have been the master of the greatest Japanese samurai! This Japanese Tengu mask is perfect for a cosplay costume on the theme of Shintoism or manga. a terrible demon oni. In Japanese culture, he is also associated with an experienced warrior. You can also see the Japanese Tengu red mask in some manga! 

  • Handmade Mask: handcrafted and inspired by the Edo era
  • Dimension: about 17cm wide and 27cm high, adjustable
  • Material: our mask is made from resin, it is a COLLECTOR collection.
  • Use: it is suitable for Mangakas, Cosplay fans and Halloween enthusiasts.

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