The traditional hannya mask is an Oni demon face with golden horns. The mask is red with teeth and fangs. This is the face of the Japanese demon Hannya. The mask is made of high-quality resins
This hannya face mask is red with horns and monster teeth.
This red traditional Japanese mask is attached to the head with a white cord.

Traditional Hannya Mask

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Embrace the Mystique of the Traditional Hannya Mask

The Hannya Mask is one of the most iconic figures in Japanese mythology. This red Oni mask represents Hannya, a demon born from the tormented soul of a woman consumed by jealousy and obsession. This kind of accessory is often seen during the Setsubun festival. It is also used in Noh theater to portray characters transformed by grief and anger, making it a significant cultural artifact.

The traditional Hannya mask is a profound symbol in the art of Irezumi tattoo art symbolizing complex emotions and the transformation of pain into power. Its fearsome appearance is used in tattoos to protect against evil spirits. This mask is perfect for those interested in Japanese culture, from stage performances and cosplay to decorating a space with a piece of Japanese heritage.

Ideal for cosplay, theatrical productions, or as a unique wall decoration, this mask brings a touch of authentic Japanese drama and artistry to any setting

    • Design inspired by the Japanese demon Hannya
    • Adjustable mask
    • Dimensions: 20 x 26 cm / 7.9 x 10.2 in
    • Resin mask

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