A Japanese man wearing a traditional male kimono and hakama trousers
A Japanese man wears a traditional kimono male with a pair of geta sandals and white tabi socks.
For a samurai outfit, dress in a male kimono traditional Japanese outfit. Wear it with hakama trousers.
For a samurai look, put on a traditional Japanese male kimono and a Japanese Obi belt and a kakama pants

Traditional Male Kimono

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If you're looking for a unique outfit inspired by Japanese culture, you'll love this Traditional Male Kimono and Hakama

The kimono (which means garment) is essential for taking part in an official ceremony in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Japanese wear a male traditional kimono for tea ceremonies, weddings and graduations... This traditional kimono male is inspired by the Japanese warriors and samurai nobility. It's the perfect outfit if you love traditional Japanese culture...

  • Pack contains a Japanese Male kimono, Japanese Hakama trousers and a white neckline
  • Straight cut and three-quarter length sleeves
  • Length of samurai kimono: 140 - 145 cm (55 - 57 in)


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