The traditional maneki neko is golden in colour. Its left paw is raised to attract good luck and invite entry. It holds a Koban coin in its hand.
This maneki neko traditional Japanese cat is gold in colour. It holds a Koban coin in its hand and raises its left paw to attract luck, money and fortune.

Traditional Maneki Neko

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Decorate your room with a Traditional Maneki Neko and attract good luck

Return to the roots of Japanese culture with this Lucky Cat Maneki Neko. This Japanese cat statue a timeless symbol of good fortune, abundance and a warm welcome.

This Maneki Neko Traditional, far from being limited to its decorative function, is an emblem of prosperity and happiness. This statuette holding a Koban coin is designed to bring a touch of tradition and authenticity to your living or working space. The golden color of the Japanese cat is a sign of great wealth.

  • Design: Inspired by traditional designs, this PU Maneki Neko is a tribute to the most classic form of this talisman
  • Functionality: While retaining its traditional appearance, this model incorporates a solar function for discreet modernity
  • Dimensions: 5.2 x 4.6 cm / 2 x 1.8 in
  • Packaging: Includes a solar-powered Maneki Neko.


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