Plain Japanese Socks

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Do you know Tabi socks? In Japan, their colors are endless...

Tabi socks have a special feature in the toe area. There is a separation between the big toe and the other 4. This sock shape is ideal for putting on geta or zori sandals. These are geisha or samurai flip-flops that have a strap between the first toe and the rest of the foot.

The white pair of socks is perfect with a traditional kimono. It is the color used to go to ceremonies and official events: tea ceremony, wedding, graduation... But you can also find them in other colors!

Start by trying the white ones, you won't be able to miss their comfort and elegance.

  • Material : elastic cotton
  • Style : plain colored
  • Size : one
  • size
tabi-tuto socks

Here are a few suggestions for wearing Japanese socks in style:

🇯🇵 To respect the codes of the presentation, we recommend that you prefer white socks. But above all, make sure that they are not mismatched. It is a lack of taste that makes a very bad impression in Japan.

🇯🇵 Japanese socks are also an accessory that adapts according to the look and style. For example, you can definitely opt for colourful socks with a streetwear outfit. To do this, do a color reminder with your clothes. If you plan to wear a cosplay costume, we recommend matching your socks with your zori (or geta) sandals.

🇯🇵 And we've saved you the best for last: split-toe socks have ultra-practical benefits. For example, they are designed to be anti-friction. This is a significant guarantee of comfort. In addition, their material is breathable and absorbs sweat. What more could you ask for?

🇯🇵 Renew your sock wardrobe by opting for a shopping session at Shogun Japan! We look forward to seeing you in the Japanese socks collection to find inspiration and pimp up all your looks!

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