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A woman wears a Japanese Kitsune bracelet with a gold chain, a Kitsune fox head and a sakura flower symbol on her wrist.

Women Japanese Bracelet

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This women's Japanese bracelet is ideal for a girl who loves traditional Japanese culture and Harajuku Kawaii fashion.

This Japanese-style jewel is inspired by the most popular symbols of the land of the rising sun. This Japanese jewelry piece features a Sakura flower. The sakura cherry blossom symbolizes beauty. The fox's head, also known as a kitsune, is a good luck charm. In Japanese culture, the fox god Kitsune is the protector and messenger of the goddess Inari.

So fall for this bracelet that's both cute and full of symbolism! It's also the perfect Japanese good-luck gift to protect a friend or loved one and make them happy at the same time...

  • Kitsune bracelet with an adjustable chain, clasp, and cord
  • Kawaii bracelet inspired by traditional Japanese culture
  • Kawaii jewelry in metal and brushed with fine gold


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