Two-tone Japanese socks

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This pair of tabi socks for women is ideal for warming little feet

Japanese socks are unique. They have a separation at the big toe to allow you to put on a pair of geta or zori sandals on top. These open shoes look like flip-flops: they have a strap that separates the big toe from the others.

This pair of tabi socks is decorated with prints in the form of fruits resembling chestnuts and chestnuts. A true fruit of the fall season, these socks will warm all feet. They will also delight fans of Japanese culture.

All you have to do is try them out to enjoy them...

  • Material : high elastic cotton
  • Style : two-tone
  • Size : from 35 to 41
tabi-tuto socks

Find our fashion tips for wearing these pretty socks with separate toes :

🇯🇵 Japanese people have a keen sense of dress presentation. The kimono, for example, must follow 7 steps to be worn correctly. For tabi socks, one of the rules to follow is never to mismatch them. That makes a bad impression.

🇯🇵 However, socks are an ideal accessory: they can adapt to your look. If you choose a traditional outfit, opt for white socks. For a streetwear look, do a color reminder with your outfit. With a cosplay costume, pair them with your geta sandals.

🇯🇵 Japanese tabi socks also have significant advantages in terms of comfort: their material is light and breathable, they are anti-friction and absorb sweat. The perfect attributes for staying dry and warm from early fall to late winter.

🇯🇵 To discover all our models of Japanese socks, we invite you to take a look at our Japanese socks collection. Here you will find a wide selection of patterns and colors inspired by the archipelago!

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