The yamato anbu mask is a replica from kitsune naruto mask. Mask is handmade and hand painted with white and red colors. Quality material used for this ninja mask
The anbu black ops mask yamato is a ninja kitsune mask. The japanese fox mas is hand painted with red and white colors. It is handmade with a black rope to wear it on head
The naruto yamato anbu mask is white and red. It&
This yamato anbu black ops mask is handmade with quality material. The ninja mask is hand painted with white, red and black colors
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Yamato Anbu Mask

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Step into the Shadows with the Yamato Anbu Mask

Immerse yourself in the Ninja world of Konoha's elite with this Anbu Mask. This anime mask is inspired by Shinto mythology and ninja mystique. Captures the essence of Yamato, a key figure known for his unique abilities and leadership in the Anbu Konoha's special forces.

Yamato is renowned for his Wood ninjutsu techniques. He wears this kitsune mask to conceal his identity. The ninja mask represents the dual nature of concealment and protection, integral to the life of an Anbu ninja, who operates in secrecy to protect their village.

  • Handcrafted in a Japanese artist's workshop in Asia
  • Dimension: 17 x 23 cm / 6.6 x 9 in
  • Soft foam inside the mask makes it comfortable to wear
  • The mask is adjustable thanks to an adjustable drawstring
  • Material: Strong quality PU
  • Packaged well wrapped in Cellophane and bubble wrap to avoid any risk during delivery

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