Japanese apron for men
Japanese apron for men

Japanese apron for men

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There is nothing better than a Japanese apron for men to prepare a delicious Asian dish

This half apron is called a maekake. It is a traditional dress worn in Japan since the 16th century. They are very practical thanks to their large side pockets.

The cotton canvas of this work apron is fitted close to the body while allowing great freedom of movement...

The Japanese motif sensu is a symbol of prosperity in Japanese culture... It is a great choice for preparing food without getting dirty with an authentic Japanese style...

  • Material: cotton and polyester
  • Japanese pattern: Sensu fan symbol
  • Size: adjustable and mixed
  • Package: includes one nippon maekake apron

Discover a quick tutorial Japanese apron to wear this garment...

🍣 The maekake can be worn for all kinds of everyday tasks: cleaning, tinkering or gardening...

🍣 Put on this work apron to protect your clothes from stains while preparing a bowl of ramen, miso soup, sushi, maki etc...

🍣 The maekake, unlike a classic apron, helps to limit lower back pain. It is quite practical for people who are standing when cooking, for example.

🍣 Discover a wide selection of Japanese symbols in our comprehensive collection of Japanese aprons . Fashion apron? Traditional apron? Classic apron? Make your choice...


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