Handcrafted Wooden Wand
Handcrafted Wooden Wand
Handcrafted Wooden Wand
Handcrafted Wooden Wand

Handcrafted Wooden Wand

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Manipulate the art of Japanese wooden baguette with this culinary assortment

First seen in China during the 12th century BC, Asian chopsticks had a religious function. Over the centuries, its use has expanded and has crossed borders. Arriving in Japan around the 7th century, they became a must have in the culinary art.

This Japanese cutlery set consists of 2 sets of chopsticks and a wooden spoon. They are decorated with a craft thread wound in a spiral at the end. It comes with a small floral fabric pouch as a gift.

  • Package includes two pairs of chopsticks and two spoons
  • Japanese cutlery is made of bamboo wood
  • Size: 22.5 cm

Here are our suggestions for making your meal Japanese according to the rules of the art:

🥢 Here is the procedure to follow to use Japanese chopsticks correctly: the first stick is placed between the palm of the hand and the ring finger, it stays still. The second is also placed in the hollow at the base of the thumb and between the middle and ring fingers, it is removable. Reproduce the movement of a clamp by moving your middle finger... and enjoy yourself.

🥢 There are 4 things you should know before using Japanese chopsticks : hold them with your left hand, do not stick them in your dish or food, do not lick them and use a chopstick rest instead of putting them on the table.

🥢 Japanese tradition dictates that you do not lend your chopsticks , do not use them to refer to someone or something, and use the spoon to transfer food from one dish to another.

🥢 Want to discover others? Why not take a look at our Japanese chopsticks collection? We offer a wide variety of designs with unique Japanese designs.


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