Maneki Neko Wand

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A pair of baguette to enjoy delicious sushi? What a good idea!

Who says Japan says Japanese chopsticks . These culinary utensils appeared in the Land of the Rising Sun during the 7th century. Used by nearly a third of the world's population, however, its trend is downward. Involved? The Westernization of East Asia following the Second World War.

If you wonder who these cute little cats are drawn on these wooden chopsticks , this is a lucky cat. Called Maneki Neko, this feline has been the subject of numerous folk legends. In each of these stories, the Maneki heralds luck and prosperity.

  • Pack contains 5 pairs of culinary chopsticks
  • Asian chopsticks are made of natural wood from bamboo
  • Size: 22.5 cm

Here are our recommendations for cooking all your meals with baguette:

🥢 Our two-step method for using Japanese chopsticks ? Place the first stick (still) between the palm of your hand and your ring finger. Add the second stick between this same hollow, middle and ring tones. Make a pinch movement and grab your food.

🥢 Now on to the rules of Japanese eating skills: take your wooden chopsticks in your left hand, don't plant them in your dish, don't lick them and use a chopstick rest instead of putting them on the table.

🥢 Just as it is frowned upon to point the finger at someone in France, it is strongly discouraged to point someone with Asian chopsticks . Similarly, if you want to make your dish taste, use the spoon and not the chopsticks to transfer part of your dish.

🥢 As the holidays approach, for a birthday or to expand your range of cutlery, you can find our Japanese chopsticks in a typically Japanese collection and colorful as desired.

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