Japanese Chopsticks

A good washoku dish can be enjoyed with Traditional Japanese chopsticks. The use of these small sticks as a cutlery came from China between the years between the 16th and the 11th centuries BC. Their invention is attributed to Yu the Great , the first emperor of China.

Put away your forks, here are the chopsticks!

The monarch fearing assassination forbids any sharp objects in the court, including utensils. One day, in his impatience to eat a dish that was too hot to eat by hand, he used two small branches pulled from a tree like a claw.

The use of chopsticks would be synonymous with kindness and kindness. The food must be, in fact, previously cut into pieces that are easily consumed with chopsticks by the cook or the host. He thus avoids this trouble for his guest.

From a practical point of view, a Japanese baguette allows you to handle food in a variety of ways. It allows you to sear food, cut it, mix it, roll it up and drain it. From an aesthetic point of view, there are several types of chopsticks. From simple made objects in lacquered wood to those bearing patterns or other traditional (or modern) Japanese ornaments, there is something for everyone. We offer you a wide choice of Japanese chopsticks in this collection to attack your Bentos.

You have to be firm and flexible at the same time

It's not just the set of practical features or the aesthetic qualities of chopsticks that impress. There is also the way to use them at the table. Asians do it with so much dexterity that it seems like child's play. Which can be the same for non-natives as well, with a bit of practice. Handling Japanese chopsticks is not handling artist brushes, but it's just like. Here's how to use chopsticks at the table when you're eating Japanese:

  • Step 1 : Grab one of the chopsticks with your middle finger and thumb. Place the thicker end at the joint of the thumb and index finger and rest the thinner end on the middle finger. This first rod must be held firmly, it is the anchor, it remains fixed. It's a bit like holding a pencil but positioned lower in your hand. Another way to hold the anchor is to place it not against the middle finger but rather the ring finger and using the index finger to hold it in place.
  • Step 2 : Then take the second stick between the index finger and the thumb. It's the mobile wand. Move it closer to the anchor with thumb and index finger movements. Make sure you have a good grip on the wand and that the two are well aligned. Chopsticks should be well stacked and not crossed in order to catch the food. If you're having trouble doing it, try tapping them on a table to make it happen.
  • Step 3 : Practice separating and pulling your chopsticks together like pliers by operating only the wand located between your thumb and forefinger. Try using it on small pieces of food first. It's easier by grabbing the chopsticks at a 45 degree angle. As you go, try to catch objects (foods) of different sizes and texture. First rice cakes and then noodles why not?

Instructions for use of Japanese chopsticks

At a typical Japanese table, there are certain ethical rules to follow when using chopsticks. Depending on how you hold your chopsticks you can tell if a person is refined or educated. For example, chopsticks should only be used to gently sear food and not to push or prick it.

We must also be careful not to do at the table certain gestures that are part of the cult of the dead. Planting chopsticks upright in a rice bowl or dispensing with chopstick food is a sign of bad omen and unhappiness. Gestures, therefore, to avoid so as not to scandalize the other guests.

It is also indecent to point at someone with your chopsticks, to put them down after you have finished eating, crossing them. Instead, you should lay them flat side by side on a baguette stand ...

Do not use chopsticks for any purpose other than eating. They are not for licking, for use as toothpicks, not for drawing. It is also viewed with a bad eye to fly over dishes with chopsticks while remaining indecisive.

Enjoy your traditional dishes in the traditional way. A Japanese dish has all the more flavor when it is enjoyed like a real Japanese in one of the many restaurants in one of these big cities like Tokyo. Browse our collection of chopsticks and be sure to find everything you're looking for.