Japanese Lantern
Japanese Lantern
Japanese Lantern

Japanese Lantern

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Light up your home with this large decorative Japanese lantern

The Japanese lamp is a decorative lamp that has existed for several hundred years. Inspired by the Chinese lamp, the Japanese lantern has a difference: it is foldable. In addition to being functional and aesthetic, it seduces with its ultra-practical side.

Designed from bamboo threads on which washi paper (rice paper) is stretched, we find the Japanese lantern hanging from the fronts of many Japanese shops and restaurants.

The design represented on this Japanese lamp symbolizes a geisha. In the Land of the Rising Sun, these Japanese women are introduced from an early age to the codes of presentation and art in general.

Find some tips to highlight this decorative paper lamp :


💯 The cylindrical paper lantern has a hanging system that works with a hook. This allows it to be suspended from light fixtures to create a zen atmosphere thanks to diffused light.

💯 You can choose to hang this paper light fixture in the living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. Artisanal and 100% Japanese, it will give your interior an original and unique touch.

💯 If you like Japanese writing and calligraphy, we recommend you go for the kanji lamp . It is decorated with red and black Japanese symbols.

💯 Discover all our paper lantern designs in our Japanese lantern collection. They are inspired by the most beautiful symbols of the archipelago.


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