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Adopt the Japanese style and treat yourself to a Zen home decor with this geisha lantern


the past, the Japanese lantern was a way to light up. The first lamps appeared in China. But when they were introduced in Japan, they became collapsible for practical storage reasons.

The paper lamp is formed thanks to a spiral structure that holds a sheet of thin paper. This is obtained from mulberry fibers. Washi paper allows soft light to be diffused.

The pattern on this Japanese lantern represents a geisha. They are young women who were trained from an early age in the codes of presentation, the tea ceremony and Japanese arts such as dance and theater.

Here are some suggestions to make this Japanese lamp a beautiful decorative object:


💯 To get a relaxed and zen decoration, you can either light a candle inside the Japanese lamp or use it as a lampshade. It is fixed to the suspension at the end of which the bulb is screwed.

💯 If you want to make your garden Japanese, we recommend hanging this paper lantern on a tree or an outdoor garland. You will get a serene and warm atmosphere.

💯 For a decoration in purple tones, we recommend betting on the purple geisha lantern . The color of the kimono worn by the geisha will recall the softness of pastel colors.

💯 Discover all our paper light models in the Japanese lantern collection. We offer a wide choice of colors and patterns to create a calm atmosphere.

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