White Japanese Lantern
White Japanese Lantern
White Japanese Lantern

White Japanese Lantern

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Decorate your home with this white Japanese lantern inspired by the famous geishas

The Japanese lantern was born in China in a non-folding version. Structured in bamboo threads placed in the meridian, it has retained its function as a lighting fixture. It was in Japan that the horizontal structure replaced the vertical structure.

The metal hook assembled at the top of the paper lamp allows easy hanging. Simply add a hook and hang it from a light bulb in the ceiling. It is also possible to use it as a lampshade.

The motif of this Japanese lamp represents a geisha. This young Japanese woman, introduced very early to the codes of presentation and the arts of all kinds, is famous for her elegance. She wears a traditional kimono and a fan, also foldable, called sensu.

Here are some suggestions for making this paper lantern a pretty home decoration:


💯 The Japanese lamp is ideal for diffusing soft and subdued light. You can hang it in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. If you have a small outdoor space, it will be perfect for creating a true zen garden.

💯 Whether you choose a candle or a light bulb, the paper in Japanese lanterns (made from rice or mulberry fibers) will create a Zen atmosphere, which is found in most Japanese shops and establishments.

💯 If you like geishas and want to vary the patterns, opt for the Geisha umbrella lamp . It symbolizes a pretty Japanese woman dressed in a flowery kimono and an umbrella typical of the archipelago.

💯 Find all our inspirations in the Japanese lantern collection that beautifully illustrates the traditional symbols of the Land of the Rising Sun.


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