This anbu itachi mask is a kitsune manga mask with red lines.

Itachi Anbu Mask

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This anbu itachi mask is a kitsune manga mask with red lines.
Kitsune mask anime
Kitsune mask anime
Kitsune mask anime

Itachi Anbu Mask

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Are you a fan of manga and ninja? Hide your face behind the Anbu Itachi Mask like a true shinobi

In manga, Anbu ninja mask is worn by powerful shinobi. It is also worn by monsters who wish to hide their identity. This mask is 100% handmade by our talented craftsman. He makes and paints it with passion and love for Japanese culture!  Enjoy the beauty of this manga mask by using it as a Japanese wall decoration. Or complete a naruto cosplay costume, a Halloween costume, or attend a matsuri festival.

The kitsune is oni (Japanese demon) or a kami (Japanese god) in the Shinto religion. This deity is endowed with great magical powers, such as the ability to transform himself!

  • Japanese fox mask handmade by our craftsman
  • Itachi mask inspired by the Naruto manga
  • Finished with soft foam
  • Adjustable drawcord
  • Hard Pu mask
  • Packaged well wrapped in Cellophane and bubble wrap to avoid any risk during delivery

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Kitsune Mask Inspired by The Japanese Fox God

Become a ninja shinobi or a splendid geisha with a Japanese fox mask made with the finest craftsmanship. This Japanese mask is a captivating collectible from Shinto legends, where "Kitsune" means fox. In Japanese mythology, foxes are seen as intelligent beings with magical powers, often serving as messengers of the gods. Wearing a Kitsune mask is believed to bring the wearer protection, wisdom, and prosperity, embodying the fox ability to ward off evil spirits.

Japanese Handmade Mask

"Each Kitsune mask is unique and made to order after your purchase from our Japanese store. We collaborate with an artist and craftsman passionate about Japanese anime, manga and traditional Japanese culture. Each mask is molded and polished to perfection. This means a slightly longer lead time for this type of mask, made entirely by hand."

Hand Painted Fox Mask

"Fox mask Japanese is painstakingly hand painted one by bone. First, our craftsman applies a white undercoat to the mask. Then, the design and finishing touches of the Japanese fox mask are done with brushes, spray paint and Posca pen. The paint used on the mask is acrylic, as it is durable, indelible and long-lasting."


How should I care for and clean my black fox mask?

To maintain your black fox mask, simply wipe it gently with a soft cloth dampened with water. Avoid using strong cleaners or submerging the mask in water to preserve the integrity of its design.

What materials are used in crafting the black Kitsune mask?

The black Kitsune mask is made from high-quality materials that ensure both durability and comfort, making it suitable for both frequent wear and display.

Can the Black Japanese mask be displayed as an art piece?

Yes, the Black Japanese mask doubles as a stunning art piece for any home or office setting

Is the black Kitsune mask appropriate for cosplay and festival use?

Definitely! The black Kitsune mask is ideal for cosplay events and cultural festivals, offering an authentic and striking appearance that stands out in the crowd.