Black Japanese Tsuru Pants

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Those black pants? The safe value for a unique Japanese style!

The printed patterns on the back of this pretty Japanese garment represent tsurus. These are Japanese cranes known for having lucky virtues. Tradition tells that they symbolize longevity as well as good fortune.

A genuine Swiss knife of modern fashion, these men's pants can be worn on any occasion. Fluidity, side pockets, elastic waistband, sobriety, and elegance. Everything comes together to wear this comfortable and fitting garment.


  • 💯 Halfway between the harem pants and kimono pants, this elegant pant can be worn outdoors or indoors. It is comfortable, practical, sober, and refined
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  • 💯 Put on your sneakers and a white straight cut shirt to accompany your flowing pants in a chic, casual streetwear style
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