Japanese Modern Kimono Dress
Japanese Modern Kimono Dress
Japanese Modern Kimono Dress
Japanese Modern Kimono Dress

Japanese Modern Kimono Dress

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Wear this long black kimono for women and metamorphose yourself into a real geisha

This japanese modern kimono dress is inspired by Japanese cranes. These auspicious birds, called tsuru in Japanese, symbolize longevity and good fortune. In Japanese culture, these symbols are very present and often appear on traditional clothing.

The history of the kimono is fascinating. It comes to life in the Edo period, about 300 years ago. At that time, kimonos were worn by geishas. These Japanese women, sometimes confused with courtesans, were trained from an early age in musical art and the codes of performance.

The tea ceremony , inspired by Zen Buddhism, is the art of serving tea according to traditional codes. There are two interpretations of this ceremony. The first, chanoyu (茶の湯) which means "hot water for tea" refers to the art aspect. While the second, sadō (茶道) or chadō (茶道) translates as "tea path" and refers to the spiritual study of the tea ceremony.

If you admire geishas as much as we do and wish to look like them, put on this nice light kimono and receive your friends for a modern tea ceremony. Choose a matcha that will delight connoisseurs and the uninitiated alike. You will have a good time around a healthy and delicious drink.

Japanese Modern Kimono Dress

Here are our best fashion tips to wear your traditional kimono the way Japanese geishas do :

💯 For Geishas less than 1m 55, the S size must be chosen. For those from 1m 55 to 1m 65, we recommend size M. For those measuring more than 1m65, we recommend size L. If necessary, consult the size guide for more details

💯 To wear the complete geisha outfit have a look to Japanese kimono dress, add a pair of geta sandals and tabi socks: comfort assured and to mark your waist, wear an obi belt. It is also very useful to store your Japanese fan. 

💯 If you prefer to wear your kimono in white and cream tones, check out this kimono muji yukata for women. It's a Japanese garment that remains iconic, whatever its color

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