Red Japanese Kimono Robe
Red Japanese Kimono Robe
Red Japanese Kimono Robe
Red Japanese Kimono Robe

Red Japanese Kimono Robe

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This red kimono for women is the essential traditional garment to have in your dressing room

With this birds and fans patterns floral; iconic clothing piece of the land of the rising sun proudly bears the symbols of this beautiful country. Japanese fashion is rich in meanings and tradition has an important place in it.

Ideal for strolling the streets of Tokyo, London, New York or elsewhere, this authentic Japanese dress is traditionally worn with a belt.

Historically, during tea ceremonies, geishas wore a kimono. This custom, inspired by Zen Buddhism, consisted of serving tea in a codified manner to a small group in a silent and sombre environment.

In Japan today, Japanese women dressed in traditional kimono can be seen at coming-of-age ceremonies, graduations, weddings or funerals. These are always very formal events.

how to wear a japanese woman kimono

Here are our fashion tips so that you can wear your traditional kimono perfectly :

💯 For a geisha style, we recommend you wear white tabi socks and choose a pair of geta sandals matching the kimono. You can also add a foldable sensu fan

💯 If you prefer sober colors for your Japanese outfit, take a look the traditional geisha dress kimono

 💯 It will turn you into a real geisha. For more design, have a look to our selection of Japanese kimono dress

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