Authentic Japanese Kimono Dress

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This Authentic Japanese Kimono Dress is a top pick for the lovers of the country of the rising sun

The Japanese floral pattern Doresu (ドレス) means Dress in Japanese, the model in the picture wears a floral pattern, it is a Japanese symbol very appreciated in Spring.

The kimono dress is a vintage garment that has centuries of history. This type of traditional dress is worn by geishas but also by fashionistas of the Harajuku neighborhood.

The quality of the fabric is ideal for all day wear. We advise you to put it on for a fancy dress party, as a cosplay suit or to immerse yourself in the skin of a splendid geisha.

To respect the dress code, take note of our fashion advice...

    how to wear a kimono dress?

    💯 Between 1m 55 and 1m 65, we recommend size S! More than 1m 65? We recommend size M! The size guide will help you (if needed).

    💯 For a traditional geisha colorful robe, you can also complete your look with a Japanese red kimono dress. The fabric of this kimono reminds us of the whiteness of the sakura flower and the redness of the Japanese flag...

    💯 To close your traditional Japanese dress, always fold the left side onto the right side to follow Japanese cultural rules!

    💯 Complete your outfit with an Obi belt and a small umbrella. Before going out, think to choose a pair of white Tabi socks and a pair of wooden Geta! For more design, consult our full Japanese kimono robe collection...

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